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As a Los Angeles native and lifelong fan of the Dodgers and Lakers, my journey in entertainment started from childhood, mesmerized by the magic of TV production while being on sets with my father. This early exposure sparked a career spanning over 14 years in live television, talent agencies, and advertising, where 'it won't work' always translated to 'challenge accepted' for me.


After years of molding others' visions in the ad world, I took a leap into the Marvel Studios Partnerships. Here, I don't just create ads; I navigate the intricate multiverse of brand storytelling, making every campaign as layered as Marvel's time-travel narratives.


With a knack for understanding brands like an insider and a flair for immersive, unique storytelling, my work is where the worlds of superheroes and advertising collide. In this ever-evolving universe of marketing, my experiences have prepared me to shape narratives that resonate across all timelines and realities.

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